What Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

RTA cabinets means ready to assemble cabinets which are manufactured cabinets and that are assembled by the homeowners. When you order RTA kitchen cabinets, all of the parts have been cut to size, holes have been drilled where they needed, they provide all of the materials and tools, including wood, screws and hinges. RTA kits make it easy and affordable for homeowners to update their kitchens with new cabinets.

And these parts are stacked and wrapped in a large flat boxes, you can bring them home from the big box store or have them shipped to your home.

The RTA kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of sizes, and buyers can choose combinations of cabinets that fit the measurements of their kitchens.

RTA kitchen cabinets assemble fairly easily, with cam-lock and bracket systems being the norm. If you are familiar with self-assembly IKEA cabinets, RTA kitchen cabinets work along the same lines.

Prices vary depending on the material used for the cabinets. Some manufacturers use solid wood, while others rely on heavy plywood for their products.

Factors to consider before buying Best RTA cabinets online

1. Make sure boxes are 100% Plywood. At least 1/2 inch but preferably 5/8 inch thick, thicker the better.

2. Make sure the cabinet door and frame are solid wood, and dovetailed drawers



When it comes to buying cabinets, every homeowner is looking for the affordable price and best deal. Buy best RTA cabinets online can be purchased and delivered in one of two ways: assembled kitchen cabients or ready to assemble cabinets packaged in flat slabs

The choice between RTA, or ready to assemble cabinets and pre-assembled cabinets may not be the exact choice that you first imagine. Some people have the impression that the choice between RTA cabinets and assembled cabinets is a choice about quality, but that is not the case at all.

Ready to assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets and pre-assembled cabinets both have their positives and negatives, choosing the right type of cabinet can save you time and money when you make your decision. but when most people choose between them, they believe that one type of cabinet is higher quality than the other, the fact is that both types of cabinets are of equal quality. It’s important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of each before making this huge decision.


 Less expensive than assembled cabinets

One of the biggest benefits of choosing best RTA cabinets online for kitchen or bathroom is the cost savings. RTA cabinets are less expensive than pre-assembled cabinets, largely because the labor of putting the precut pieces together has not been done. With RTA kitchen cabinets, you can choose the quality which you want, the buyer also can choose a wide variety of materials and finishes, from pressed wood to the best hardwood on the market. Regardless of the quality of the wood and finish, by choosing RTA over assembled cabinets, you saving money much more than purchasing the same quality cabinet in an assembled or custom built form.

Higher quality when choosing best RTA cabinets

Because RTA kitchen cabinets are less expensive than pre-assembled cabinets, people who choose ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are often able to buy higher quality cabinets than they would have been able to afford with an assembled cabinets. Constructed from plywood boxes and the finest birch wood.

Shorter shipping times to get your cabinets quicker

Shorter shipping lead times

Buy best RTA cabinets online, one of the leading advantages is that they can ordered and delivered to your home very quickly, since the cabinets are in stock and ready to be shipped out as soon as the order is placed.


RTA kitchen cabinets are a less expensive investment but require the buyer to assemble them at the job site, creating extra work and an investment of time and energy and additional labor charges from an installer.

Even with RTA cabinets that come with hardware attached and many manufacturers have made the cabinet assembly extremely easy, it may take up to an hour to assemble their first cabinet. After the initial cabinet, assembly speeds considerably, with many people taking only 15 minutes to assemble each cabinet after the first. 

You'll also need to have a design layout of the cabinets so you are sure that you are putting the pieces together correctly and that each finished cabinet is installed in the proper place. There is also some concern that you will scratch the finish on the cabinet as you put it together. However, following care instructions will help you avoid that problem.

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When you purchase assembled cabinets, they are ready to install as soon as they arrive. Installing them is often a simple process and can be undertaken by a builder or the homeowner. You won’t have to spend any time actually assembling the cabinets.


While being able to install the cabinets without having to assemble them first will save time, pre-assembled cabinets are also much more expensive. The primary disadvantage of assembled cabinets is that the cost is higher. Seller have to charge for the labor of assembling the cabinets together, but that is actually a nominal cost compared the cost of shipping.  And because the finished cabinets are much larger than RTA cabinets and they take up much more space during shipping, so the shipping costs can be higher than the costs for RTA kitchen cabinets.

Another disadvantage of assembled bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets are that getting pre-assembled cabinets delivered can take up to three months.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both RTA kitchen cabinets and assembled cabinets. When choosing cabinet, consider the cost of the cabinets, the amount of labor that will be involved for installing cabinets, and how quickly you want those cabinets to be installed.

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