Top 10 Characteristics of Our High Quality RTA Kitchen Cabinets

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 14-Step Finishing Process

All of our wood doors and drawer fronts receive SHERWIN-WILLIAMS’s 14-step finishing process, resulting in one of the finest finishes in the industry. From the initial sanding to the final finish application, each piece of cabinetry is made to your exact specifications by our skilled craftsmen.

All-plywood construction

Cabinet boxes are typically built of plywood. The most robust cabinets have full plywood sides and backs to stay square during delivery and installation, handle the weight of heavy countertops, and resist damage from moisture.

Dovetail Construction

All of our kitchen cabinets wholesale are required use of dovetail construction. A process that involves plywood side panels to perfectly interlock with a solid wood face frame through corresponding dovetail grooves. This highly resilient technique introduced to the market guarantees that cabinet lines are secure, strong, and long-lasting.

Anti-Warp Structures

The anti-warp component involves the use of plywood panels comprised of rigid reinforcement beams. By applying the beams with a dovetail construction technique to secure all components, our cabinet meets this standard ensuring a strong, reliable build that is resistant to distortion.

Corner Blocks

To ensure a unified and organic design build, our kitchen cabinets for sale lines with plastic corner blocks, which keep the purity of cohesive construction.

Treated & Finished Cabinet Interiors

Treated and finished cabinet interiors are another significant feature of our kitchen cabinets online as they produce a clear statement of quality and attention to detail. As opposed to manufacturing with an applied lining, Our vigorous top treatment techniques create a refined and durable design that is free of bubbling, peeling and chipping.

Solid Back Builds

For superior structural longevity, the back of a cabinet is constructed from one piece of solid half-inch plywood. Our cabinet backs with a strong and single piece of plywood to ensure durable strength and dimensional stability.

Soft-Closing Hinges

Our kitchen cabinets wholesale use of compact hinges with built-in, soft-close mechanism providing an impeccably gentle and fluid cabinet function.

Full-Extension Soft Closing Drawer Glides

The smooth full-extension soft-closing technology glides guarantee an enhanced running action that maximizes a cabinet’s storage to its full capacity, precisely utilizing space while also preventing damage and depreciation.

Drawer Face

To ensure proper door alignment and function, kitchen cabinets for sale requires an effortless system utilizing a degree of mechanical precision for installing perfectly positioned drawer faces. We innovates with a unique technique using circular discs that allow for easy 3/8” adjustments in any direction, resulting in a kitchen cabinets wholesale that achieves an aesthetically graceful balance.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 14-Step Finishing Process

We use only the best quality wood stains and finishes from SHERWIN WILLIAMS Industrial Wood Division and their partners.


Kitchen Cabinet Mall selects quality wood,which skilled craftsman sand to a smooth finish.


After sanding,all surfaces are vacuumed to eliminate dust particles.


Craftsman hand-apply distressing,vintage and burnished techniques to selected finishes.


Equalizer stains are applied to balance the base color of the wood.


Toner is applied which establishes consistent color uniformity.


A deep penetrating stain is(hand-applied/hand-sprayed/applied)to reveal the wood grain.


All stained surfaces are evenly hand-rubbed and wiped clean of excess stain.


After slowly air drying,highlights,glaze,glaze details,burnishing stain,and vintage patina are hand-applied to selected finishes.


Specially formulated wood sealer is applied,penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.


Sealed product is placed in high-temperature oven to ensure a thorough cure.


All surfaces are hand-sanded again,providing a smooth,consistent surface to accept topcoat.


Environmentally safe topcoat is applied to maximize resistance to scuffing,dents,moisture,UV fade and household chemicals or agents. n.


Top-coated pieces are slow-cured in a 150-degree oven,creating a smooth,baked on surface.


Each cabinet is inspected and hand-polished,assuring quality and durability.

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Average 10" x 10" Kitchen Shipping Rate

$200 - $400
$250 - $450
$300 - $500
$250 - $450
$200 - $400

Buying Quality RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online is Easy !

Make Your Dream Kitchen Design Come True With Kitchen Cabinet Mall

We offer the best value in cabinets. You may find shaker cabinets a little better, but they will cost significantly more. You may find white kitchen cabinets a little cheaper, but they will not be anywhere near the quality.
Here at, we offer the best quality RTA cabinets online at factory direct prices. If you are researching, planning or simply thinking about remodelling your kitchen, buy online and cut out the middleman, you are in the right place to get the most value for your money.
Our Kitchen cabinets come with all you would expect: SHERWIN-WILLIAMS finished all wood door, Grade A plywood box dovetail construction, soft-close full extension heavy duty under mount metal glides and European hinges, 5 piece dovetail joint drawers.

About kitchen cabinets

Did you know that Kitchen cabinets have been in use since the 20th century? Kitchen cabinets have been in use for quite a long time. They are furniture in-built installed in most kitchens for various uses. Kitchen cabinets depending on the design they are used to store food, server ware, and cooking equipment such as dishes, cooking pans. More so, other kitchen appliances are integrated into the kitchen cabinetry. This appliance includes; ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves.
Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range, basing on the styles, finishes, and materials used to make them. During Pre World war I, people stored their food and kept all the utensils after cleaning in the cupboards. For example, the cupboards store the utensils and other food items(both dry food and canned foods). Through the ever-evolving technology currently, kitchen cabinets have developed. Currently, we have larger and more developed cabinets. These cabinets come in different designs, colors, materials, and types.
This article analyses the kitchen cabinets in various aspects, the cabinet color, the materials used in constructing the cabinets, the types of kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, the article closely analyses the kitchen cabinet construction, basing on the framed and frameless kitchen cabinet, and outlines the essential tips on buying cheap kitchen cabinets online.

Kitchen cabinet by color

What is the best color for the kitchen cabinet? The best color for the kitchen cabinet is the question most individuals ask before opting to install or purchase a new kitchen cabinet. Some designers recommend some neutral colors like any shades of color gray, as it will help you incorporate other playful colors in the kitchen, while some designers prefer brighter colors.
A lot of color works well on the kitchen cabinet; the most tricky part is finding the right one. There is the various color that works well for the kitchen cabinet as well as the floor. In this part, we will look at the Grey, and blue usually referred to as navy blue kitchen cabinets.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White is clean cool and timeless, your white kitchen cabinets will always be in fashion wherever you live. If you are installing a kitchen in an old house with new white cabinets, this is perfect as by using white kitchen cabinets you will take the kitchen from 1950 to the 2020s immediately, and for not a lot of money.
If you have a small a narrow kitchen, white cabinets are the only choice as they make everything look bigger and more streamlined. The white color chart is daunting as who would have thought, there are at least 100 different shades of white available. The good news is you take home two or three different paint charts and that way you get to look at all the shades of white in different lights. A shade that may be perfect in the morning sun can look stark and bleak under downlights and you will need to choose the right white for every light. It is interesting how white can be either warm or cool making it extremely versatile.

Get New White Kitchen Cabinets

When you have Chosen your perfect shade of white, the kitchen shop will come and measure up, so that your new white cabinets will fit the space perfectly. If there is room a white walk-in pantry can be fitted in for all your grocery supplies. The size will depend on available space, right up to the ceiling. If you are lucky enough to have room for a walk-in pantry, this saves so much space.

White Cabinets

Once your bespoke cabinets are ready, it only takes one day for the kitchen team to install them. This is because all of the cabinets have been made to measure, fitting perfectly together and all the team has to do is screw them in place. If you are at home on the day you will be surprised by the speed, everything happens so quickly. When they have finished you get the lustrous white effect, and the kitchen will actually look bigger.
The white cabinets are now so well made, that you won't need the cupboard liners anymore, all you do is wipe the interior over before use, with a damp cloth and they are ready to fill.
Selling Your Home
White kitchen cabinets, with a walk-in pantry, will add value to your home, so if you are selling, this is a good strategic move in getting the best price for the house. With summer coming it gives the whole house a fresh cool vibe to have as much white as possible. so call the cabinet maker.
Call in a painter to paint right through and refresh the look
pick a neutral color, American Antique White is universally popular
Once the white kitchen cabinets are installed the house will look new.
Advantages of White Cabinets
Your old kitchen cabinets need to be removed. If they are twenty years old, they become worn and difficult to keep clean. White Kitchen cabinets will totally refresh the space, and give that clean fresh look that you have been hoping to get.
Use the experience to declutter your kitchen
Your new white cabinets will enable better organizing systems
Choose your white carefully to get the right contrast with your appliances.
You will have so much more Storage space available.
Enhance Island Bench
Don't just stop at the white cabinets, enhance your island bench with a new top in engineered stone or Porta Contours lining boards in white.
This will add visual interest to the area. If you are doing the renovation on a budget, you should be able to totally enhance the surface appeal for between five and ten thousand dollars.
Save Kitchen Space
If you have a long galley kitchen use the end to create a breakfast bar. Purchase more white kitchen cabinetry. Cover it with a white marble top. Install required amount of dining stools under the overhang. This will enable you to get rid of the outdated dining table and chairs while creating more space. Your kitchen will be light, bright, airy, and white. If you have a 40-year-old door in your kitchen take it off.
Your New Kitchen Cabinets
You will be very keen to showcase your new kitchen cabinetry, and this is why we have removed the outdated door. We have achieved a smooth open-plan effect, and it is good to see that the kitchen looks bigger and much brighter with white cabinets installed. White seems to attract and refract the light. So install some down lighting or track lighting to show your white cabinets at their best.
White is Always in Fashion
Dulux Whisper White seems to be very popular in the kitchen. There are winter white and summer whites that can look warm or cool accordingly.
If you have a very old Edwardian or Victorian house, use white kitchen cabinets to bring the whole kitchen up to date with the new white cabinets, this simple change will make it look amazing. If you have a dated-tiled splashback behind the kitchen sink, it is now possible to paint tiles. So buy your white tile paint and refresh the tiles, follow the instructions very carefully for the best effect. Once your work has dried it will be time for some finishing touches like artwork or indoor plants.
Time for a Change
.Where old cabinets were space-occupying, the new white cabinetry is space-saving and streamlined, fresh and energizing, and easy to clean, and there are no handles or knobs making the wipe over very quick. You have a wall of white kitchen cabinets and if some are too high to reach, get a specially made kitchen ladder. These high cupboards are so valuable to store things that you don't use all the time.

It is time to start installing your new white cabinets to refresh your kitchen for summer entertaining, so be sure to call the experts for a quote on installing your new white kitchen cabinets in time for the holidays.

Grey kitchen cabinet

Most homeowners are currently ditching the popular brown wood-colored cabinets favoring the Grey colored ones. The grey color offers a neutral ground, allowing you to incorporate the kitchen with other playful colors. White tiles matches well with a lighter grey kitchen cabinet. This tiles are common in most homes as they provide much design and styles. Also, Grey color offers a perfect balance or blend of both neutrality and warmth. More so, Grey color works perfectly with almost all sizes of a kitchen. Grey is the only color that never goes out of style among the color of the various kitchen cabinets. To achieve the best experience, it solemnly depends on the shade of Grey your choice for your designer to paint your kitchen cabinets, the tiles or the one you purchase. To avoid the association of the Grey color with dullness or boredom, make sure you always choose the best blend or shed of color, Grey. A Grey kitchen cabinet and tile will give you the best experience in the kitchen.

Blue kitchen cabinet

The blue kitchen cabinet is the major trend of the kitchen design currently due to various reasons. First and foremost, the color reduces boredom in the kitchen because of its beautiful shade; this feature makes the cabinets more attractive. Also, the blue cabinet will maintain its stylishness for a longer duration. Furthermore, the navy blue color works well with a variety of styles and design of your cabinet. The creamy or white tiles warms up the navy blue kitchen cabinet. The two colors are trendy and classic thus making a stylish pairing.
Sincerely the blue color will keep your kitchen bright. The blue color on the various kitchen cabinets brings both beauty and versatility as the navy blue color look beautiful with either a white or cream floor. Lastly, the blue shade complements the other prominent trends, for example, the gold hardware trend.

Know about RTA cabinets

Whether you're selling your home or moving to a new location, kitchen cabinets can tell you a lot about your way of living in your home. However, you can also predict how much interest you will receive when selling or how long it will last after the purchase.
There are many options for those who want to upgrade their kitchen and kitchen cabinets. RTA cabinet is a popular choice for experienced people, those on a budget and those who want to customize their experience. In this article, will share with you some valuable information about RTA kitchen cabinets.
RTA Cabinets can help speed up the process of remodeling your kitchen, even after months of planning or consideration. No matter how much time you need to prepare a new kitchen, the wrong closet can ruin your life with the new plan.
RTA Cabinets are ready to be assembled not only but only for options and availability. But it also gives you the opportunity to know what you're working with. RTA kitchen cabinets are instantly accessible, delivered in just a few days and installed to meet your construction schedule.
Your RTA kitchen cabinets can tell you a lot about your construction experience. RTA cabinets require less on-site storage and are easier to purchase from many suppliers and manufacturers. The construction team will be happy to assemble your closets and if you have a lot of experience yourself, you can build your own closets.
What is an RTA cabinet?
The accompanying names describe these products in summary. When you order an RTA cabinets, all parts are cut to the required whole size and finished according to your request. Then the pieces are stacked and packed. You can take them home from the store if they are in stock, or deliver them to your home.
You will then face all the work of assembling and installing the cabinet. But most of them can be drawings and steps, with few or no written instructions. Some of them have links to online videos that show you how to put together your cabinet.
Portrays the desired kitchen beauty
RTA cabinets are an elegant choice for all homeowners who can achieve the semi-custom look they have always dreamed of. They are often made of oak, birch, bamboo and maple and are available at very affordable prices on the market today. Ready to assemble cabinets have been out for quite some time. But, due to massive improvements in production, they have gained popularity in recent years.
All RTA cabinets are made to high quality standards that can transform the decor of your entire kitchen. These are economical and very easy to install.
What you need to know before buying ready to assemble cabinets (RTA Cabinets)
Cost factor for RTA cabinets
You can save a lot of money with RTA kitchen cabinets, instead of custom cabinets. There are two ways to save. First, once they come to you for disassembly, the cost of shipping the RTA cabinet is less than fully assembled, as it takes up less space. Second, while you take care of the assembly and installation, you save on labor costs.
Your expenses can vary widely depending on factors such as materials, finish, complexity, and degree of readiness. With the lowest cost in the price range are white melamine lined cabinets, cabinet boxes and drawers, the partition panel, flat doors and the unfinished elements you painted yourself.
The most expensive options include boxes, lacquer cabinets, solid wood front frames, solid wood doors and drawers. Cabinets of unusual sizes and angles can be more expensive, as can accessories such as crown molds or interior lamps.
RTA Kitchen cabinets are usually charged for a linear location, which is just the horizontal distance along the wall to be filled with the cabinets. Line costs usually include top (wall) and bottom (base) cabinets for a single price, depending on the combination of cheap and expensive options. Kitchen cabinets for a full kitchen range from about 250. Coins for a linear foot up to $750.
Be sure to ask for a price for comparable products from two or three suppliers. You may need to evaluate separate suppliers for boxes, cabinets, doors, and hardware. Typically, suppliers of RTA cabinets help recommend resources for other materials and you should be able to do this job online.
Check the availability of spare parts for your cabinet. If something breaks or is damaged in the set, waiting for a replacement part can delay the construction of the kitchen. And if a part has collapsed over the years, you should easily replace it.
Get a good quality RTA cabinet
Ready-to-assemble cabinets, like pre-assembled cabinets, come in a variety of qualities ranging from poor to excellent. RTA cabinets are just as durable and appealing as anything you'd find in a showroom. However, you must be able to distinguish the lesser quality. Cabinets with drawers, hardwood planking, integrated drawer rails, and doors made of plywood, or (MDF) medium density fiberboard should all be avoided (MDF).
The features of the quality cabinet include:
Full drawer partitioned, extended
Solid wooden drawers with wooden splicing.
Finished and coated with a brush instead of spray.
Doors with a solid wood frame with solid wood panels or plywood.
Although you can check these resources in the shop yourself. But you can order a sample of the door when you buy it online. A small deposit and refundable shipping costs may be required. But this ensures that you will get what you get when you order.
RTA cabinet assembly
RTA cabinets are very popular because they are very easy to assemble. Most products need nothing more than glue, wooden fingers and screws, which must come with the cabinet with clear instructions. Drawers, Cabinets, and doors are available for fixing hardware and hinges. Often, the only tool you need to put together is a screwdriver.
However, watch an online video showing how to arrange your case if possible. Reviewing the demo video can help you avoid common mounting errors.

Benefits of RTA cabinets
In terms of the function and aesthetics of your kitchen, the cabinets you use are the most important elements of design. Without enough closets, you won't have enough storage. In addition, closets take up a lot of visual space, which means they have a big impact on the overall visual design. Remember that it is important to consider all cabinet options.
For example, you should seriously consider using RTA kitchen cabinets.
Here are just a few of the benefits of using RTA kitchen cabinets:
RTA cabinets can be installed quickly.
Because your RTA cabinet tends to ship quickly and is easy to assemble, you can install your RTA cabinets much faster than building a custom container or installing a pre-assembled cabinets.
Easy to assemble RTA cabinets
RTA cabinets are very easy to put together. You don't need special training or experience to put it together, which means you don't have to worry about hiring someone to do it. Of course, you can hire a contractor for assembly and installation if you want. Doing so will not take long, as it is not as complicated as the assembly and installation as usual cabinet solutions.
One of the reasons why RTA cabinets are so easy to assemble is because you get detailed, easy-to-read instructions from the manufacturer on how to assemble them, and you don't need special tools to do so.
High quality
Don't be fooled by the fact that RTA cabinets are cheaper than other types of cabinets because they are mass-produced, do not require manpower from the manufacturer and are easily shipped. They have nothing to do with the quality of the closets.
In reality, RTA cabinets are usually of higher quality than completed cabinets. Low-quality materials, such as fine varnish, lightweight board, and low-cost hardware, are frequently used in prefabricated cabinets.
RTA cabinets are typically constructed of high quality hardwood, materials and plywood hardware. Depending on where you get your RTA kitchen cabinets and the options chosen, your RTA cabinets can compete with any custom case you create in terms of quality and price.
For high-quality RTA cabinets. Be sure to use a camshaft set. What is a camshaft set? The cam lock set is simply a locking system that you turn with a screwdriver to weld the locker panels. There are two models: one is a hidden set that uses a combination of pins and a rotary lock, and the other is a contact-type cam key with a rotary lock. Both systems are easy to use and do not require assembly, making them excellent options for homeowners.
Low cost
If you renovate an entire kitchen and save so much money, it will keep you on a budget. RTA cabinets are cheaper than automatically assembled because they are not assembled before delivery. It is also important to note that they are cheaper to ship because they are not assembled. Buying a RTA kitchen cabinets makes it difficult and expensive to ship.
RTA cabinets are also mass-produced. However, just because it's mass-produced doesn't mean you have limited options. You can choose from a multitude of settings and design options to make sure your RTA container is suitable for your beautiful design.
Availability of the cabinets
When you explore the affordable cabinet options, the nature of the ready to assemble cabinets gives you the opportunity to enjoy fast delivery and great savings. You will be able to find styles and colors according to your tastes, which will make it easier to decide when it comes time to improve the layout. Because RTA cabinets are so diverse, you can decide what to change or not.
What If you intend to complete most of your kitchens, can you find RTA kitchen cabinets or cabinets that match what you have already installed? This option will be yours when it comes to RTA kitchen cabinets and you will have the freedom to enjoy low cost, easy shipping and fast installation.
RTA cabinets provides a lot of design options.
Although you might not be able to have as much design flexibility as with customized cabinets. But that doesn't mean RTA cabinets have limited options, far from it. In fact, RTA cabinets are available in all sorts of custom, modern designs, and often come with a wide selection of features.
User friendly
RTA cabinets are user-friendly. Their cost is determined by the materials used in the manufacture of the product. Thus, the value of the RTA cabinet is fair and the user can choose the material and design of the cabinet they desire to have. The friendly aspect of these RTA cabinets is that you can get good discounts depending on the cabinets purchased.
The ease of use of the RTA cabinet depends on the needs and requirements of the customer, so the company can improve not only its ease of use, but only in the quality of the product, but also in the services it offers to its estimated and potential customers.
How long does it take to assemble an RTA cabinet?
On average, an RTA cabinet can be assembled in 10 minutes, while a basic RTA cabinet can last 10 to 15 minutes. It's not a very complicated process, especially with good mounting videos and the right tools. If you want to pre-assemble your cabinets, you can purchase our selection of RTA cabinets.

Where can you buy RTA cabinets?
You can find RTA cabinets in various big stores, but there is a wide selection of online retailers. Buying in a store allows you to interact with the team, who can help explain the nuances of existing closets and make recommendations on the layout of your room. This type of service may be available from some online retailers, with some websites capable of creating custom layouts and displaying visualizations of how to assemble. Here , US Kitchen Cabinet Mall is a good place to buy RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online.

RTA cabinets are the perfect solution for homeowners looking for an economical, durable and customizable medium-quality kitchen cabinet solution. The flexibility, cheapness and high quality of RTA cabinets make it a breeze for most kitchen remodels.
So don't waste your money on expensive custom closets and don't rely on cheap prefabricated closets. Invest in RTA cabinets for your next kitchen remodel and enjoy the best of both worlds.

What Are Shaker Cabinets And Why Are They Popular?
Shaker Style Cabinets refer to the style of the 5 piece door fronts with a recessed center panel. Shaker Cabinets are put together with a butt joint, and an overlay for the center panel of the door. This typical look gives the Shaker Style Cabinet its truly classic look that has lasted over the centuries.

Shaker Cabinets have been around since they were first created in the early 1700s in England. It was in the 1780s that Shaker Style Cabinets were created and became popular in the United States. For over 200 years the Shaker Style Cabinets have been being found in all manner of rooms in homes all across the country.

No homeowner will go wrong when choosing Shaker Cabinets for their home. Shaker Style Cabinets have proven their value throughout time. White Shaker Cabinets can bring out the best of any room. Shaker Style cabinets are great shelving and cabinetry units for many uses and in many places in the home. The versatility of Shaker Cabinets makes them an ideal addition to any space you put them in.

Newer Shaker Cabinets
Shaker Style Cabinets are still styled in the same manner they were in the 18th century. Shaker Cabinets can have simple or elegant pulls and knobs that can either offset or enhance other things like your faucets and walls and lighting, which make Shaker Cabinets fit into any style. Shaker Style Cabinets can be left squared and plain or can come with a decorative router or beaded edging. You can have either exposed hinges or hidden hinges with your Shaker Cabinets.

However, Shaker Cabinets are not handcrafted as they once were, they are now cut and created with machines. this process can be a good thing sometimes. However, a machine does not take any pride in the way a product turns out. There is less chance of error when automated machines do the cutting. This is just one way that the human factor is taken out of the process and so is the pride in the final product. This has also made Shaker Cabinets more affordable.

You now get Shaker Cabinets made out of the wood of your choice, and you can get them sealed and stained as well as painted. Some wood choices like pine will look better painted and others like cherry and oak will look much better sealed to show off the natural quality of the wood. They have a simple and elegant look that appears to be timeless. They have a sharp and clean look that fits well in any room of a home, including the garage. You can do things to make them look distressed and freshly painted like they had been hanging around since the begging of the 19th century.

With the invention of MDF (medium density Fiberboard), you can save a lot of money getting Shaker Cabinets made with MDF instead of true hardwood. MDF can be obtained in a moisture-resistant form making it good for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. This material will need to be painted with polyurethane paint. this paint will also make it easier to clean, as it is more washable than a stain or sealer would be.

You can also purchase Shaker Cabinets with a laminate that will make cleaning them even easier. This is a great option if you have small children as they will be more durable. Laminate doesn't scratch as easily as real wood does. Laminate will also not crack like paint, as wood will expand and contract with the humidity sometimes the paint will crack.

White Shaker Cabinets
Kitchen trends seem to very fairly rapidly, however, the White Shaker Cabinets seem to transcend the trends. They will make a space feel pure and happy. You can add color that poos from the white and is easily changed according to the trend or how you feel. The white color will reflect the lighting in the area making it feel larger and warmer.

If you decide to sell your property kitchens with white shaker cabinets tend to sell faster and for higher prices than kitchens with darker shaker cabinets. This can be attributed to the welcoming feeling that a white kitchen portrays. Also, people see dollar signs rolling through their heads when a kitchen is dark and they think what will it take to fix this. Changing cabinets can be a very expensive endeavor to undertake.

With white shaker cabinets, your counters and walls will stand out better as the white shaker cabinets seem to blend into the surroundings. Adding color to the walls and free-standing items will make things look more aesthetically pleasing and can more easily be seen as a cheap fix for someone looking to buy a home.. This is also a cheap way for you to change your kitchen more frequently to suit yourself.

White Shaker Cabinets are great for a bathroom, as they will make the room seem larger and more sterile. They will help spread the lighting out for a more even look to the room. You can add hooks or rods to hang things from so space isn't wasted. It seems that bathrooms never have enough cabinet space and adding a white shaker cabinet this is a good way to add some when needed.

Uses For Shaker Cabinets
There is the obvious use of shaker cabinets in your kitchen. You can also get shaker cabinets in sizes that are ideal as pantries. Or as appliance stations, every kitchen needs to have a place for all those small appliances that you only pull out on Thanksgiving. You can get shaker cabinets with shelves at whatever distance apart you want, or even adjustable shelves. Or maybe you want to hide that broom and mop, get a tall shaker cabinet with no shelves. You can also get Shaker Cabinet doors to hide larger appliances like the dishwasher and the refrigerator.

A classic White Shaker Cabinets looks great in any bathroom, as a vanity. Hang a small matching shaker cabinet on the wall above the toilet. If you have the room get a tall shaker cabinet with shelves to use as a linen closet. White Shakers cabinets seem to work really well in the bathroom as they tend to add depth and make the room appear larger. They also give a cleaner look and can offset any colors that you choose to use for such things as a shower curtain. You can also get pulls to match the fixtures in your bathroom, like a brushed bronze.

Adding a Shaker Cabinet to your laundry room will give it a really finished look. Get it in a pantry size and have a shelf at the top to keep the laundry supplies. Put in a bar or two that you can keep hangers on for when things are coming out of the dryer. This will also be a nice place to put an ironing board and iron for those that still use them.

Every basement needs shaker style cabinets to put things out of the way. Hide those Christmas decorations, lights, and extension cords. Keep games and toys hidden away for those kids or grandkids. How about hiding that extra broom or vacuum in a shaker cabinet so you don't have to lug them up and down the stairs. You will find that there is an unlimited number of places in the basement that you will want to have some shaker cabinetry just to complete the area making it look finished. Why not use Shaker Cabinets and tie this area to the rest of the house.

Surprisingly the painted MDF Shaker Cabinets do really well in the garage. The polyurethane paint makes it easy to wipe down and keep looking cleaner. Another tall Shaker Cabinet here without any shelves is a great place to put those rakes and shovels, Even a weed eater can hide easily in the Shaker Cabinet. A Shaker Cabinet that has some shelves will be a great way to hide those pruning shears and garden gloves. How about those jars of nuts and bolts, nails, and screws. You can hide away things and lock the Shaker-Style Cabinets so they don't grow legs while you're not looking.

Mix Things Up
For your lower Shaker Cabinets have traditional sleek lines and have them in a darker color. Adding some simple routing to your upper Shaker Cabinets and having them a few shades lighter in color. They will offset each other giving your kitchen what appears like more depth. With the right lighting, this can be a very attractive and inviting environment.

As an eye-catcher to pull attention to your Shaker Cabinets you can make them look deeper by making the inner part of the door front a lighter shade than the frame. This will give more depth and add the appearance that you have more Shaker Cabinet space than is really there. It will give the appearance of a framed door.

How about having glass centers on a few key Shaker Cabinets, or even on all upper Shaker Style Cabinets. This will pull people's eyes to what you have behind the glass and add a bit of eye candy to the Shaker Cabinets. And some colorful items in the Shake Cabinet will really make the whole kitchen stand out. Adding some curtains behind the glass can give a mysterious look to the room.

Adding some crown molding to the top of your Shaker Cabinets will dress them up even more. For floor Shaker Cabinets, you can add some trim to the edges that will give them a classier feel. There is really nothing that you can do to harm the feel and the tradition of this time-honored product. Anything that you do make it exactly what you want is an added benefit to you.

However, it may need to be undone if the time comes to sell the house. Some things are just wanted in the original custom that it was created. However, almost anyone can see that if they are just not the right color they can be easily painted, to suit the new owners taste. Unlike some cabinets, there isn't much you cant change about Shaker Cabinets except the traditional framed front of the doors. Only changing the center wood panel for glass would be acceptable for it to stay a recognizable Shaker Cabinet.

Shaker Cabinets were built with craftsmanship that has lasted through the ages and shows no sign of becoming outdated anytime soon. The quality of them is durable and sturdy. They can be changed to showcase the room they are in. With the plain look, they can become an integral part of your home and enhance their surroundings.

With lighting and color added elsewhere having White Shaker Cabinets can bring out the size and comfort in the room. They can increase the value of a kitchen and become an asset when selling a home. they feel clean, pure, and inviting. The lighting in the room will be enhanced by reflecting off the White Shaker Cabinets.

Whether in the kitchen or another room in your house Shaker Style Cabinets can be configured to fit what you want and need. Shaker Cabinets have a way of pulling a house together by integrating where they are located. Even a basement and garage can appear to fit better with the main living area by having Shaker Cabinets there. No matter where you put Shaker Style Cabinets they can serve a useful need and do so with some style.

With all the options open you can make any Shaker Cabinets into exactly what you want them to be, and hold whatever you need to hide, or showcase in some instances. You can be sure that Shaker Cabinets will not lose their flair anytime soon as Shaker Cabinets have been around for so long and even when Shaker Cabinets were not the most popular Shaker Cabinets were still an acceptable item. Shaker Cabinets' versatility will keep them close to the top of the list for a long time yet to come.

Kitchen cabinet types

Cabinets form a very important part of the kitchen. Following the kitchen's layout, it is important to have a kitchen cabinet design that suits the need for a well-equipped kitchen. There are five basic kitchen cabinets; they are distinguished based on the functions, the display art, quality of the construction, and the different styles and finishes.

Base cabinets

Base cabinets are those that are mounted directly on floors supporting the countertops from below. These cabinets set the plan for your floor, and most of the day-to-day activities take place there. You can also install a sink or dishwasher within this cabinet. Base cabinets are known for versatility; think of pull-outs, drawers, shelved cabinets, e.t.c. The ideal function of these cabinets is to store large or bulk commodities such as pans and pots, canned and dry foods, and cleaning products like soaps and detergents. The base cabinet is ideal for storing this bulk item because it has a big and open space, usually under the sink. It is technically impossible to design a kitchen without including the base kitchen cabinet. Thus this makes it the more expensive kitchen cabinet type.

Wall cabinets

Designers mount this specific kitchen cabinet on the kitchen walls in the most strategic places on the kitchen wall. Wall cabinets are suspended just above the spaces of the counter. Wall cabinets are designed in a way that they are flexible in a certain way. The different heights, glass door options, and multiple widths present the flexibility of the cabinets. The designers can mount these cabinets from the floor to the ceiling. The use of all this part creates a lot of space for housing almost all the kitchen appliances. They are extended up to the ceiling, utilizing the high spaces used for storing cookware and serve ware that the individual is not using frequently. The homeowners use wall cabinets to store kitchen accessories, food items, and appliances with less weight as they are not ideal for heavy weights.

Pantry cabients or utility tall cabinets

These are the cabinets that can extend from the floor to the ceiling. Utility tall cabinets height ranges from 84 inches up to 96 inches. These cabinets are an upgrade to the traditional pantry, as they take less space but store a lot of food. Pantry cabinets may provide up to four times more storage than both the wall and base cabinets in the same space. These cabinets provide space to store everything used in the kitchen, including cleaning items, serving ware, cookware, and other foods. The tall utility more so can be configured to accommodate any built-in microwaves and ovens.

Corner kitchen cabinet

The corners of a kitchen are the darkest, lonely, and most remote areas in the kitchen. designers and those installing the kitchen cabinets usually install Corner cabinets where cabinets meet at the corner, thus the term ' blind corner cabinet.' The blind corner cabinet is advantageous as it makes good use of the corner spaces, which is seen as waste space by some homeowners who don't make good use of the spaces. A good designer can make this space useful for holding lazy Susan, drawers shelves, and creating space for storing large appliances. These cabinets balance the kitchen, giving it a uniform look and creating the most underrated space.
However, these cabinets have various disadvantages, such as it is difficult to access the items stored there. Thus to make it easily accessible, consider using a lazy Susan, which has spinning shelves which make it easy to access the stored items. You may also opt to install corned drawers to access the goods by pulling the drawer easily. These strategies maximize the storage space and the display area.

Bathroom cabinet

For a bathroom cabinet, a house owner may decide its construction in the bathroom, mostly used for storage of hygiene products, medications, and other toiletries. These cabinets are usually constructed under or over the sinks and others above toilets. For effective usage, the designer fits the cabinets properly to use and makes them waterproof properly. In some circumstances, the bathroom can be small in size; thus, a medicine cabinet is an easy way to place a mirror above a sink with some extra storage. These cabinets are either placed near an electricity socket or integrated with electricity. The integration with electricity makes it possible to use appliances like a hairdryer or an electric shaver, among other appliances. With growing technology nowadays, Bluetooth audio and mood lighting features are integrated into these cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet materials

Kitchen cabinets can be made up of different types of materials. The material you may choose will depend on the cost, durability, and design. Most designers choose to use solid wood as the main material in making the kitchen cabinet. Furthermore, some cabinet uses a combination of materials. When choosing a new kitchen cabinet for your house, take a close eye at the materials used.

Below are some of the materials used in making kitchen cabinets.
Among the various materials used in making the kitchen cabinet, particleboard, commonly known as chipboards, is the cheapest. Particleboard comes from waste wood and sawdust, where the wood particle and the chippings are held together and compressed, forming panels and boards. The chipboard is more dense and uniform than the plywood. The use of waste woods and sawdust makes most designers question the quality of the material.
Particleboard is relatively less expensive; thus, designers mostly use it to make shelves, cabinet boxes, and the interior kitchen cabinet. However, this material can not hold more weight; it is only suitable for kitchens with light duties. The draws made from this material usually tend to sag if the house owner places heavy things on it.
Lastly, they are more susceptible to discoloration and expansion from moisture; thus, they are unsuitable for outdoor purposes and areas with high moisture content. The only exception is with the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, where it is as an underlayment shielded beneath a sheet of vinyl that is moisture resistant.
Plywood is a term most individuals are conversant with, either they have heard or read about it. Plywood comes from the sheets of veneer when compressed with a resin to form a flat sheet. Its strength makes it preferred for most components of the kitchen cabinet.
The material's high quality explains the higher resistance to boiling water, making it suitable for a kitchen. The material is moisture resistant, making it the ideal material for kitchen cabinets the sink because it won't be affected by the water. The material can be repaired and replaced easily in case of damages. However, this quality comes at a cost, and plywood is one of the most expensive materials; that's why it appears in many of the kitchen's expensive cabinets. Furthermore, using plywood tends to come with difficulties. They provide a challenge when fixing the cabinet because it leaves gaps or holes where the boards combine; thus, thermophile coats or wood veneer adds protection to the plywood.

Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF)
Medium Density Fiberboard is made from small fibers, and this material is popular with IKEA. This material comprises resin, recycled fibers from wood, and wax, which are then sandwiched under higher pressure. The final product is a sheet of MDF used by various designers in making the various kitchen cabinets.
Unlike the particleboard, the MDF can hold the screws better, thus making them easy to manipulate. This material is resistant to expansion and warping that may occur due to changes in temperature and moisture. This ideal feature makes it considered for making kitchen cabinets. However, this material is not strong compared to plywood or particleboard, and thus if the cabinets and drawers are overloaded, they tend to sag.

Kitchen cabinet construction

When considering the construction of the cabinet method, cabinets can be divided into two; the framed kitchen cabinet and the frameless kitchen cabinet. The choice is ultimately on the basis of your personal preference and kitchen design. Among other factors, you must consider the durability and structural quality when choosing this because the construction methods offer two distinct looks.

Framed kitchen cabinet

Today, most people view Framed kitchen cabinets as a more traditional type of kitchen cabinet, which is more popular in America. These cabinets provide spaces or points where the designer fixes the cabinet doors. These cabinets allow the ease for installation and adjustment of the doors and drawers.
The best benefit of a framed cabinet is that it provides a variety of door overlay options to select from; the standard overlay, full overlay, and, lastly, inset cabinet doors. The Inset cabinet doors are integrated into the face frames, thus creating many face frames exposed. The Full overlay tends to overlap the cabinet's frame face, thus leaving it exposed. Lastly, the standard overlay style leaves the face framed exposed both on the top and bottom.
These cabinets are less expensive and provide more style for one to choose from; they are also available in many materials. However, the framed kitchen has various cons; they are hard to operate. Thus, they tend to get less accessible. More so, the installation process of the framed cabinet takes a lot of time.

Frameless kitchen cabinet

Frame-less cabinets are predictably built with no frames, and they don't have additional construction areas around each drawer or door; more so, they don't have an interior style. These cabinets leave not even a single part of the frame exposed because they can stretch across all the cabinet's faces.
The carpenter can construct the cabinet well so that the cabinet's door will directly attach to the cabinet's sidewall. Thus when the door is closed, there is space for so round around. For this reason, these cabinet provides more cleaner, minimal appearance than the framed kitchen cabinet. Frame-less kitchen cabinets tend o occupy more space; this is because the user has full access to the spacious interior of the cabinet, thus making them look larger. These cabinets may be ideal for the contemporary and modern look of your house.
The frameless cabinet provides more cleaner environments and provides larger storage compared to the traditional cabinets. This feature makes them essential for most small homes. Furthermore, these cabinets become easy to access; without the frames, it easy to access the stock; you don't have to wrestle with the frames as the case for the framed cabinets.
However, this cabinet usually has some disadvantages. Before installation in your kitchen, consider that a frame-less cabinet may be less reliable. Frameless cabinets are less reliable because they tend to be mounted on sidewalls, often not hardwood. Being mounted on sidewalls made of MDF, they must be continually adjusted to keep the door straight. Another co is that the cabinets are harder to install; thus, Dyers will challenge installing them, especially in rooms that are not fully squared. Lastly, frameless kitchen cabinet will cost you much more. The higher cost for installation and purchasing is because of its trendy nature.

How to clean and maintain kitchen cabinets

It is important to clean and maintain the new kitchen cabinets to ensure you increase their lifespan. Furthermore, maintenance will improve its performance. Below are tips on how to achieve this.
Upon installation, clean or wipe the cabinets with a clean, soft, and damp cloth, after which dry immediately with another piece of clean cloth. Remember to always clean in the wood grain's direction. Then choose a quality polish, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and apply. The polish will help in protecting the cabinet from minor scratches, excessive moisture, and staining.
Remove all the grime and grease buildup, as they can lead to damages on the cabinet, thus destroying its look and appearance. Use only clean water to remove this, as detergents and other soap products can cause damage to the cabinets. If routine cleaning does not remove the stains, create a baking soda paste and apply gently on the cabinet scrubbing off the stain.
They are repairing any nicks and scratches as soon as possible to avoid further damaging the other parts of the cabinets.
Lastly, avoid moisture, including water spillages, excessive temperature, exposure to waxes, and other harsh cleaners. Because some of these factors, for example, excessive temperature and harsh detergents, may cause the wood to contract and expand or warp. This warping destroys the finishing of the cabinet. Preventing this will improve the efficiency of the kitchen cabinet and increase its lifespan.

Best Tips for buying a cheap kitchen cabinet online.

Do you want to change the look of your kitchen by purchasing or installing a new kitchen cabinet? Then it is time to consider purchasing it online to avoid the brawl of moving from one hardware to the other, looking for the cabinet of your preference or the one meeting your personal needs. When purchasing the cabinet, you must consider various factors, including durability, color, construction material. More so, it would be best if you also considered the cost of the kitchen cabinet so that you may not end paying for a certain cabinet. Below are some of the tips for buying a cheap kitchen online. First and foremost, visit various online selling companies that provide a variety of kitchen cabinets. A company providing a wide range of these appliances will allow you to choose your best-preferred cabinet at different prices. Be wise to choose the relatively cheaper kitchen cabinet that is quality.
Furthermore, you can search for cheap cabinets from various social media groups, for example, Facebook groups. The reason being some individuals may need to purchase new cabinets. Thus they dispose of the ones they have at a lower price. The cabinet owner will sell it to the person who satisfies his or her own needs. For commercial interest, try searching for craigslist; this is hoping to find cheaper options for the items. The cabinets presented may be refurbished and re-sold. Remember when purchasing indicate you want them for commercial use, be sure you will get them at a relatively lower price than when you indicate they are for personal use.

In conclusion, remember that cheap kitchen cabinets online might not only provide for the lower price, sometimes the quality of the products is compromised by the manufacturers to reduce the cost of production. You should examine the product well and the person contracted to sell from you, so you are not shocked with the final product. More so, practice more keenness when dealing with people online, because currently there are many cons on the internet; thus, you may end up losing your cash. Lastly, seek customer services if the delivered cabinet lacks hinges, and other parts of the doors and drawers are placed inappropriately.

What’s RTA cabinets?

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